What Actually is Work Stress?

Stress is a physical and/or emotional reaction to a situation. In a work context, stress happens when we believe that the demands made of us exceed our resources to deal with them. However, work stress is about much more than demands. It's rooted in context around those demands.


Doesn't Everyone Face Work Stress?

According to The American Institute of Stress, 65% of workers say that workplace stress causes difficulties, and more than 10% described these as having major effects. 

So What? Why is Work Stress Problematic, and What Are The "Major Effects"?

Not all work stress is problematic. Some amount of stress is actually beneficial, even necessary for productivity and to function well. However, acute (very high) or chronic (ongoing) stress is estimated to cost the US economy over $300B a year through ill-health and absenteeism, poor performance, lost productivity, and unwanted turnover. These costs are almost certainly negatively impacting organization, as well as the individuals in question, their families, and society more broadly.  


Shouldn't I Just Squeeze a Stress Ball at My Desk?

Go for it. Here's the problem: This may help temporarily manage a symptom, but it won't touch the cause. Unfortunately, most mainstream attention to work stress is about employees managing symptoms. That's part of why work stress never seems to go away. 


So Who Are You, and What Can You Do About It?

My name is Dr. Marcus J. Fila. I am a speaker, management consultant, and researcher who is dedicated to helping individuals manage stress, and organizational leaders reduce stress in their workforce. You can read more about me here

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