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If employees are your greatest assets, then poor performance, lost working days, counterproductive behavior, and unwanted turnover are some of your greatest expenses.


Unwanted turnover costs typically 60-200% of that person's salary to replace them. That's huge. Now imaging a company with 10% turnover! (what % was your turnover this past year?).

Excessive work stress is a huge driver for unwanted turnover, and yet it is so often ignored ("everyone has stress, right?").


Work stress in your organization is more under your control than you may believe. With the right knowledge, why lose a single good person?

Professional Training and Development Seminars

Understand root causes, preventative solutions, and how to implement them. 

Each Seminar can be geared towards:​

  • Senior Executives

  • Human Resource Leaders

  • Employees and Teams 

Ideal for:​

  • Company Retreats, or Workshops

  • Management Training

  • Association Events

Customizable depending on you preferences:​

  • 1 hour (Speaking Event; Lunch or end-of-day training)

  • 2 Hours (Workshop, or Management Training)

  • 3-4 Hours (Workshop, or Management Training, with Exercises)

Work Stress: Be a Winning Organization

Learn how to recognize and address root causes of excessive work stress, and the positive outcomes of doing so.


​We all know what work stress feels like, but...

  • What is it, where does it come from, and what does good vs. bad stress look like?

  • What are bottom line effects are on individuals, and organizations, and how could they be reversed?

  • Why is work stress so often ignored, and how you can turn that to your advantage?

  • How to increase commitment, better performance, and retention

  • Learn More...

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Beat Unwanted Turnover: Prevent Good People from Wanting to Leave

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Unwanted turnover is one of the greatest expenses organizations endure; but the reasons for it are often unknown, or unaddressed.


This workshop is designed to help you keep your valued employees engaged, committed, and dedicated:

  • Why turnover really happens? (A look below the radar)

  • The turnover cycle, or loop, and the role of unnecessary stress on good employees leaving

  • What we can learn form unwanted turnover

  • The merits of a turnover audit, and what to do next 

  • Research-backed ways to reduce unwanted turnover

  • Learn More...

Make Diversity Work For You: Understanding Work Stress Among Racial Minorities and International Employees

The stress process is universal. However, research is showing differences among racial and cultural groups.


This workshop is designed to inform you of those differences, and how organizational planning around them can help you thrive:

  • Understanding the diverse organization

  • The what and why of stress differences among racial groups

  • How do cross-cultural differences impact work stress?

  • How diversity in your organization can work in your favor

  • Moving forward: Preparing for the next 10+ years

  • Learn More...

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Designing Your New Normal: What We've Learned From Covid, and How to Benefit


This workshop cuts across diverse viewpoints on Covid-19, and focuses on where to go from here with your workforce.  

Work Stress Assessments

A natural next step to professional training/development is a benchmark of your organization today.


Assessments are backed by research, and designed to uncover root causes of acute or otherwise excessive stress.


The goal is not to find problems which don't exist, but to report on what your employees are really thinking, and to offer solutions.

Available for all sizes of team, department, or organization; single-timepoint or multiple-time points for analysis of changes. 

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Effective Interventions

Go Team

Effective interventions go way beyond proverbial band-aids. They are designed at the intersection of evidence-based practice, and your needs, to keep your employees and your organization thriving. 


Preventative interventions  are far more actionable than many other aspects of organizational life, such as culture, and external industry factors; so they are under your control. The principles which underpin them are backed by decades of research.  

Understand consistent and changing patterns in your employees' well-being, commitment, motivation, productivity, absenteeism, turnover intentions, and turnover rates over time. Tracking will help ensure ongoing effectiveness of interventions, and re-configuration. 

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Get Started...

Contact me and let's discuss what's on your mind regarding your organization.


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“Dr. Fila’s presentation skills are masterful. He listens to the audience and customizes his presentation to meet their needs. I enjoyed his presentation on easing work stress and was immediately able to begin implementing what I learned. I particularly like the mental models he used in his presentation to promote self-reflection; a key component to successful learning.” – Jody Gardei, VP of Technology, ATD - West Michigan Chapter.



"Dr. Marcus Fila delivered a remarkable and engaging presentation for our members on what leaders can do to help reduce unwanted turnover. We’re always looking for presenters who can provide tangible takeaways for our attendees, and Dr. Fila delivered on this by sharing many strategies and tools organizations can implement to help keep good people from leaving their organization." - Colleen Schipsi, Director of Programs and Operations, Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce



"Marcus delivered an insightful and highly engaging online Masterclass to our members. His sound academic background translated into actionable and practical takeaways for our audience and we look forward to welcoming him again to our platform." - Carole Spiers, Chair the International Stress Management Association [UK]



“Dr. Fila’s presentation on easing work stress was insightful and engaging.  Today’s working environment is unlike any that we have experienced before and Dr. Fila walked participants through good vs. bad stress, where bad stress originates and how to reduce it to improve workplaces for ourselves and for our employees.  I especially appreciated Dr. Fila’s approach and focus on practical action items to build trust, empower and grant control as ways to mitigate work stress.” - Zoe Mesbergen, President, Lakeshore Human Resource Management Association



"Marcus has conducted a number of workshops on the topics of employee retention and organizational culture for our NPO partners in Elkhart County. Each time our workshop participants were challenged to adopt strategies that will improve their personal leadership and organizational culture. We are thankful to have a partner in the person of Marcus Fila to help our NPO leaders be their best." - Peter L. McCown, President of the Community Foundation of Elkhart County



"Marcus led a very engaging session, with an incredible opportunity to discuss your individual questions and walk away with great suggestions for enacting positive change." - Senior HR Advisor, Outsourced HR


“I appreciate Marcus’ ability to be able to capture the essence of an idea or concept and provide actionable ways to evaluate and address a given situation.  His perspective has proven to be invaluable to me as I strive to maximize my teams performance during stressful and challenging times.” - Sr. Vice President, Financial Services Industry 


"Brilliant takeaways my end...loved the passion!" - Regional Manager, Multi-Channel Retailer (UK)


“It’s a beautiful (albeit rare) thing when form follows function.  Marcus’ sound academic study brings practical and useful techniques to the workplace.  In the process, we all benefit.  That's a beautiful thing as well.” - Robert T. Pocock, Executive Coach and Communication Consultant


"I have been impressed with the way Marcus has taken something important and elucidated the phenomena with rigorous empirical work. His ability to give voice to the drivers of workplace stress is very helpful for those of us whose work involves high amount of stress on a day-to-day basis. Marcus brings actionable strategies to bear to reduce the burden and not merely treat the symptoms." - Dr. Peter Boumgarden, Koch Family Professor of Practice in Family Enterprise; Director of the Koch Family Center for Family Enterprise; Academic Director of the Center for Experiential Learning. Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis

This short clip explains work stress

This podcast digs below the surface

Contact me to ask questions or get started

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