Photo by Jon Lundstrom, Junebug Photography.

Dr. Marcus Fila is a Professor, speaker, and management consultant on work stress and surrounding issues of well-being and strain, job satisfaction and motivation, and employee retention. He is a faculty member in the Department of Economics and Business at Hope College, Holland, MI.


Marcus’s interest in work stress developed while undertaking business development positions in the US and UK. Specifically, in a London-based marketing media position, he interviewed company CEOs about how they built their organization, or guided it through a major transitional period. He also headhunted senior accountants, IT professionals, and engineers for his clients; often by addressing their work stress concerns.


Beyond learning about functional and strategic aspects of these industries, I was amazed at how powerfully excessive work stress could affect even very accomplished people. Research showed me that far from presenting conflicting individual and organizational interests, appropriate work stress interventions can aid individual well-being and performance, employee retention, and organizational functioning, in tandem.

I have three primary goals: To help organizational leaders recognize different forms of work stress and their likely entry points, to shed light on how they can be corrosive to their mission and financial health, and to offer solutions grounded in research that will benefit the organization and its employees alike.


Marcus’s Ph.D. is in Leadership and Organizational Analysis from Western Michigan University. He also holds an M.S. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Ohio University, and an M.B.A from Kingston Business School, London. His work stress research is published in peer-reviewed journals and books, and he regularly presents at international conferences.