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Excessive and unnecessary work stress is the leading cause of poor performance, disengaged employees, and expensive unwanted employee turnover. 

It's a huge drain for your organization. However, much of it is avoidable and within your control as a leader, or manager. 

Some forms of stress, in moderation, are helpful and necessary. But it's a complete fallacy that nothing can be done about your employees having high, ongoing, or unhealthy work stress. Once you have the right employees, it's about getting to organizational and environmental root causes, and making lasting changes that will boost productivity, retention, and the bottom line. 

Amidst cutthroat competition to find and retain good employees, addressing excessive and unnecessary work stress has never been more critical. 

Here's where I come in...

I'm Dr. Marcus J. Fila. My background as a former executive search consultant, and now a speaker, consultant, and researcher on work stress and unwanted turnover make me uniquely qualified to help you. You can read more about me here.  

This short clip overviews work stress. This podcast digs way below the surface. 


Here's how I can help your team or organization. Contact me with questions, or to get started.

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Jody Gardei

VP of Technology, ATD - West Michigan Chapter

“Dr. Fila’s presentation skills are masterful. He listens to the audience and customizes his presentation to meet their needs. I enjoyed his presentation on easing work stress and was immediately able to begin implementing what I learned.
I particularly like the mental models he used in his presentation to promote self-reflection; a key component to successful learning.”

Colleen Schipsi, Director of Programs and Operations, Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce

"Dr. Marcus Fila delivered a remarkable and engaging presentation for our members on what leaders can do to help reduce unwanted turnover. We’re always looking for presenters who can provide tangible takeaways for our attendees, and Dr. Fila delivered on this by sharing many strategies and tools organizations can implement to help keep good people from leaving their organization."

Zoe Mesbergen, President, Lakeshore Human Resource Management Association

“Dr. Fila’s presentation on easing work stress was insightful and engaging.  Today’s working environment is unlike any that we have experienced before and Dr. Fila walked participants through good vs. bad stress, where bad stress originates and how to reduce it to improve workplaces for ourselves and for our employees.  I especially appreciated Dr. Fila’s approach and focus on practical action items to build trust, empower and grant control as ways to mitigate work stress.”

Peter L. McCown, President, Community Foundation of Elkhart County

"Marcus has conducted a number of workshops on the topics of employee retention and organizational culture for our NPO partners in Elkhart County. Each time our workshop participants were challenged to adopt strategies that will improve their personal leadership and organizational culture. We are thankful to have a partner in the person of Marcus Fila to help our NPO leaders be their best."

Carole Spiers, Chair the International Stress Management Association [UK]

"Marcus delivered an insightful and highly engaging online Masterclass to our members. His sound academic background translated into actionable and practical takeaways for our audience and we look forward to welcoming him again to our platform."

Sr. Vice President,

Financial Services Industry 

“I appreciate Marcus’ ability to be able to capture the essence of an idea or concept and provide actionable ways to evaluate and address a given situation.  His perspective has proven to be invaluable to me as I strive to maximize my teams performance during stressful and challenging times.”

Dr. Peter Boumgarden, Olin Business School, Washington University

"I have been impressed with the way Marcus has taken something important and elucidated the phenomena with rigorous empirical work. His ability to give voice to the drivers of workplace stress is very helpful for those of us whose work involves high amount of stress on a day-to-day basis. Marcus brings actionable strategies to bear to reduce the burden and not merely treat the symptoms."

Senior HR Advisor, Outsourced HR

"Marcus led a very engaging session, with an incredible opportunity to discuss your individual questions and walk away with great suggestions for enacting positive change."

Regional Manager, Multi-Channel Retailer (UK)

"Brilliant takeaways my end...loved the passion!"
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