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We all have work stress. In fact, we need some.


Excessive or ongoing work stress is a leading cause of poor performance, absenteeism, disengaged employees, and unwanted turnover. 

It's hugely expensive for organizations, and egregious for employees, but much of it is avoidable, and within your control as a leader. 

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I'm Dr. Marcus J. Fila, a speaker, researcher, and management consultant dedicated to helping organizations reduce work stress to healthy and productive levels.


My background as an executive search consultant, and researcher in stress and turnover, make me uniquely qualified to help employees and organizational leaders improve their culture, retention, and bottom line by tackling root causes of excessive work stress. You can read more about me here


The good news is that many underlying causes are under your control as organizational leaders  (not only those of your employees). There is a great interplay between science and practicality behind easing work stress (Hint: job design is a huge factor) - and it's very practical, and implementable.


The benefits are healthier, more productive workers who are more likely to be motivated and committed to staying within your organization. Amidst present economic uncertainty, and cutthroat competition to find and retain good employees (as well as the huge expense of losing them!), addressing excessive work stress is essential to safeguarding your culture, improving retention, and increasing your bottom line. 


Click here for a short clip which explains work stress.  This podcast digs way below the surface. 


Check out what I can do for your team or organization

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Leaders, is your team or organization
suffering from any of the following:

Excessive Absences? Poor Performance? Lost Productivity?
Counterproductive behavior? Unwanted Turnover?  

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Are you an employee who is
suffering from

Job Dissatisfaction?  Disengagement? Burnout? Anxiety? Low Motivation? A Desire to Leave Your Organization? 

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